Video Presentations

The Boys In Battery "B" - Hawaii 1967 (film strip) -  Forming The Unit - by Brad Ailes

Our First 6 Weeks In Viet Nam (film strip) - by Brad Ailes

LZ Cork Fire Mission and Other Interesting Events (video) - by John Howlett

B Battery At San Juan Hill 1969-1970 (video) - by Allan Shafer

LZ Bronco 1970 (video) - by Allan Shafer

C Battery Fire Mission (video) - by Larry Ketelsen

B Battery At Duc Pho/San Juan Hill 1968-1969 (video) - by Clenton Thomas (Medic)

C Battery 1968-1969 (video) - by Daniel Ramirez

B Battery At San Juan Hill 1968-1969 (video) - by Lance Olsen

D Battery 1968-1969 (video) - by Bob Corsi



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