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"All Battery" Reunion 2011
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"All Battery" Reunion 2009
After-Action Report

(Photo by Ken Boatman)

Greetings everyone,

      The Reunion at Pacific Beach (April 17-19) was a mix of perfect weather and great friends.  The Resort is in a remote location on the Ocean so we appreciate those who took the time and effort to be there.  54 people attended, I think it is safe to say everyone had an outstanding time.

      The majority of people were from "C" Battery the original unit from Hawaii.  But those of us from the other Batteries found some great new friends and were warmly welcomed.  We were happy to see a few of the guys who took our places in the 69-70 time period, Sam Huhta, Eric Lightner, Phil Tevis.  Sam drove out from Minnesota to be with us.  We had people come from as far away as South Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Utah,and many from California.  Three of our 
Original Lt.'s joined us, Cortland Palmer, Ken Boatman, and Charles Whiting, it was great seeing them without having to drop and give them twenty.

      The Resort went out of their way to accommodate us.  The food was wonderful, the staff very helpful.  The Resort let us play the "C" Battery Slideshow DVD in their theater on the large screen for all to enjoy in larger than life, Terry Elliott never looked better than on the Silver Screen.  Many people were able to enjoy walks on the Beach or trips to the Rainforest, not to mention the Casino.  The Resort bar became a favorite gathering spot.

      Atz Kiltcher put on a wonderful, fun, and moving show after dinner on Saturday night which everyone enjoyed.

      Thanks to all who brought photo albums and memorabilia.  We had a great variety to peruse.  Even newsletters published on the USNS Gorden.  Lots of stories were told and great memories awakened.

       Everyone expressed their thanks to Kitty Millard for all her hard work in finding everyone for us.

      The consensus seems to be that we do this again, and that the gathering include all Batteries and time periods of the 6/11th.  So, 2011 looks like a likely time period.  We had several volunteers who would like to help in the planning and execution of the next "Big One".   In consideration for all, the midwest seems to be the place of choice.  St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, or Dallas, are some of the places up for consideration.  We are open to suggestions and will keep 
you updated.

     Thanks again to everyone, it was a great experience.

      Thad Lindquist, Larry Solie

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"A" Battery Reunion 2008
After-Action Report

    We just wanted to express our thanks to all of you who took the time from your busy lives to attend the A Battery reunion.  What a turnout, it was far beyond our expectations. We had 42 "A" Battery Vets attend,  2 "C" Battery Vets,  2 "HQ" Battery Vets, 31 spouses, 7 friends and relatives. This has been a wonderful experience for all who attended.  I was "Blown Away" by the expressions on people's faces as they met again for the first time in 40 years.  Casper and I received many expressions of gratitude from those in attendance, but this could not have happened without ALL OF YOU who were present.  
     The warm smiles, tears and laughter were as sincere as we will experience in our lifetimes.  What a pleasure to meet the spouses who came with their Vets to enjoy this Special Event in their lives.  And yes, lend a little moral support to all of us who were excited, but also a little nervous in expectation of this Reunion.
      My favorite "fun" memory of this reunion was seeing Joe Newman and Gary Lowery standing toe to heel in the hotel registration line after having made a bus trip together from the airport without having any idea of who each other were until I came up to greet them standing next to each other in line.  The looks on their faces when I called them by name and reached out to shake their hands was priceless!!!!!
     Let's all keep in touch and try to drag in a few more reluctant souls to the next reunion.
   Thanks again to all of you,
     Larry Solie

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