Map Reading Basics
(Determining A Specific Location On A Map Sheet)



                                                88                   89                    90                   91                    92



Remember this rule: "READ RIGHT and UP".
  The grid lines on military maps are numbered from West to East (Left to Right)
  and from South to North (Bottom to Top)

The grid coordinates of the RED X in the YELLOW GRID SQUARE
are 906643.

Break the coordinates into two even parts like: 906 643

Use the first two numbers of each group (90 64) to locate the LOWER LEFT point of the GRID SQUARE by using the NUMBERED LINES. Use the rule READ RIGHT and UP.

Now, use the last number of each group (6 3) to refine the exact location within that square. (6/10 of the grid square to the RIGHT and 3/10 of the grid square UPWARD) Use the rule READ RIGHT and UP.

NOTES: Each Grid Square is 1000 meters x 1000 meters (1 square kilometer). A kilometer is approximately 6/10 of a mile. Army slang for a kilometer is a "klick" or a "k".


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